Whenever I need to create some static site, be it for marketing or informational purposes, I opt for S3 Static Site hosting. I’m not a big fan of using EC2 for the sake of a simple static site.

The average static site I own costs around 0.14$ a month! Combined with API backend it can be a good option for any site. Besides, search engines become more proficient in parsing Single Page Applications by day.

But, at the same time, I want to be able to change text, images, or the whole blocks without having to redeploy the site manually.

What I need is a simple, serverless CMS that will generate a static site, so I don’t have to pay for not utilized resources like EC2 instance hosting WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/etc.

I realize the are a lot of “Build yourself a site in 10 minutes with our drag&drop features” services available, but I don’t want to go “Premium” to use a custom domain, template, stylesheet or whatever.

How it works

Among the other, Static Page Constructor consists of 3 buckets: definitions, cmssite and targetsite.

definitions bucket contains widget configurations and page templates.

cmssite hosts CMS site itself.

targetsite stores and serves rendered pages.

Whenever you change a page configuration via CMS site, it will trigger an API action to render the page using templates stored on definitions bucket into targetsite bucket.

Getting Started

Checkout “Getting started” page on project wiki.